Stephen Curry Diet

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So you want to be thin and shoot long 3 pointers like Steph Curry? That’s likely a long shot. Steph puts a tremendous amount of effort into his game. He went from an underdog to one of the best 3 point shooters of all time in the NBA. That said, maybe there is a chance that you could learn to eat like Steph.

What does Steph’s diet look like? Well, to begin with he starts from a great spot. His wife Ayesha is a great cook with her own cooking show.


The Curry family is big on a quick smoothie breakfast. If it weren’t for their Vitamix blender, they would likely feel lost.

Other quick breakfasts include avocado toast with Vegenaise on multigrain bread with a fried egg, tabasco, chili flakes and sharp cheddar. Steph and Ayesha call this “five minute nutrition”

Lunch and Dinner Meal Prep

A quality characteristic of Steph Curry’s diet comes from meal prep. Like many others, it can be tough to eat well without meal prepping ahead of time.

Ayesha meal preps for 10 meals at a time, and each meal needs to be balanced. that includes protein, a vegetable and a healthy starch in every meal.

Ayesha says these are great for grab n go snacks for Steph to eat mid day or any other time after a workout. Above includes white sweet potatoes, quinoa made with chicken broth, chicken with tumeric, oregano, and lemon zest salt.

Quick Lunch

As much preparation as goes into dinners and the Steph Curry “snacks”, they like to take a slower pace to lunches.

The go-to lunch for Steph includes fruit and building his own sandwich. Another go-to option includes build your own salads with either fish, chicken or grilled shrimp.

Game Day Meals

When it comes to game day, Steph moves to a very strict schedule. He avoids the typical light salad, steak or other prepared meals and shoots for a bowl of pasta.

With a bowl full of pasta, often spaghetti, Steph heads over to the popcorn table when he gets to the game at Oakland arena. While eating so healthy most times, he prefers junk food before, during and after the big game. He also says this takes him back to the times when he was watching his dad play in the NBA.

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