Little Caesars Tests Crazy Bread Bouquets for Valentine’s Day in Key Market

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Little Caesars lovers in the south-Atlantic area can show some love to their Valentines by sending a beautiful bouquet of Crazy Bread to celebrate the holiday this year. The bouquets will be available from February 7th through February 14th at select stores in the Charleston, SC area and some other locations along the southern Atlantic coast.

“We’re taking the tradition of Valentine’s Day flowers in a delicious direction,” said Jeff Klein, chief marketing officer at Little Caesars. “What’s more romantic than surprising your sweetheart with a bouquet of Crazy Bread and a side of savory Crazy Sauce® delivered right to their doorstep?”

Well … there may be a lot of things more romantic than breadsticks. There could be an unprecedented number of breakups in the Charleston area on February 15th.

The Crazy Bread Bouquets include 8 sticks of Crazy Bread and a side of Crazy Sauce for $9.99*. Sticks of freshly baked bread are topped with flavors of butter and garlic, then sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and packaged similarly to a traditional bouquet of fresh flowers.

Crazy Bread, one of Little Caesars most popular menu items, is prepared using dough made from scratch in-store each day to create the perfect texture and flavor. Crazy Sauce uses a blend of delicious herbs and spices along with vine-ripened tomatoes picked at the peak of freshness to create a savory dipping sauce for the breadsticks.

Little Caesars Crazy Bread Bouquets are available for online ordering only. Customers can have the product delivered to themselves or a friend by ordering using the Little Caesars app, or they can pre-order on and then conveniently collect their order using Pizza Portal®pickup (a heated, self-service mobile order pickup station) at any participating Little Caesars Locations.

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