What is the Travis Scott Meal at McDonald’s and why are people Buying It?

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The Travis Scott meal is a $6 meal at McDonald’s and includes a quarter pounder with cheese with Scott’s favorite toppings (bacon and lettuce) along with a medium order of french fries with barbeque dipping sauce and a Sprite. The meal is available to order exclusively through the app.

The Travis Scott Meal, also called the Cactus Jack was a huge success. According to CNBC, the craziness surrounding the meal caused certain McDonald’s stores to run out of key ingredients.

As a result, McDonald’s said that it is controlling supply of the Quarter Pounder beef, bacon, slivered onions and shredded lettuce to make sure the ingredients are available nationwide and can be served as a meal.

More than people really wanting the meal, many believe that the success is driven by the artists popularity and fans wanting to take a picture of the receipt.

$6 Travis Scott Meal is a Deal

In addition to the celebrity factor, many have pointed out that the deal is just a good value. Many have pointed out that the meal is 30% higher price when you order in person or don’t refer to it as the Travis Scott (Cactus Jack) meal.

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