Del Taco Secret Menu

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The Del Taco Menu is another menu that stays pretty broad. From tacos to burgers, there is something for everyone on this menu. That said, if you haven’t found the right meal, you can look no further than the secret menu.

The Del Taco secret menu includes Go Bold, the Bun Taco, a Combo Cup, a Green Bean Machine, a Stoner Burrito, and a Cheesy Burrito.

Go Bold

This first item is more like a menu hack than a true secret menu item, but it is a nice addition to the menu.

If you ask to “Go Bold”, the worker will add fries and secret sauce onto whatever menu item that you ordered. Fries and sauce really do make many things better!

Bun Taco

One of the rarities at Del Taco is the ability to get both a taco and a burger. With both of those options available, why not get both?

If you ask for a Bun Taco, you will get the taco fixings inside a bun. Bun taco or Taco Burger may sound weird, but it is worth a try.

Combo Cup

Ok we talked about a bun taco, but there have to be more taco options, right? Look no further than the combo cup. If you ask for a combo cup, you will get a cup full of beans, beef, cheese and red sauce with some tortilla chips as well. Think nacho dip. It is an excellent way to eat your taco.

Green Bean Machine

Green Bean Machine likely sounds like a green smoothie or something with those long green beans. The name is actually a little misleading but it does include both something green and beans.

The green bean machine is a cheese and egg burrito with some beans and green sauce added in.

Stoner Burrito

Taco shops usually fit into a stereotype that drives the concept of the stoner burrito.

The Stoner burrito is a half-pound cheese and bean burrito. Next add in red sauce, special sauce and crinkle fries. All the fixings make this the perfect late night meal!

Cheesy Burrito

The cheesy burrito is definitely not just cheese. It merely leaves off beans. Ask for the cheesy burrito by name or ask for one with cheese, sour cream and red sauce.

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