Best Restaurants in Washington DC

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Where to eat in Washington DC? Here are some of the best restaurants to try out in DC.

Many of the typical restaurant review sites leave you with too much information and too many options. We keep the list short, so find a great spot here and enjoy!

In no particular order, here are some great restaurant spots you should check out. Click on the pics to read more.

1. Timber Pizza Company

Neopolitan-ish wood fired pies cooked up by two tech guys. The friends started cooking at farmer’s markets and today are joined by an executive chef with a CIA degree in hand.

Away from the farmer’s market, these pizzas still pack plenty of ingredients from the market. Try the Julia (lots of snow peas, asparagus and peso) or the Green Monster (all things green in season) Unlike a bunch of other spot on our best restaurant list, tables turn quickly here.

Timber Pizza Company, One of the Best Restaurants in Washington DC
Source: Timber Pizza

2. Bad Saint

Likely one of the most popular Filipino restaurants in the country. There are no reservations and little information available online, but it is worth the trip to check it out.

Once you wait, most of the seats are near the action of the kitchen,. The chef creates many Filipino adobos and other flavor-packed dishes.

See the Sisig arrive on a sizzling plate with chopped pork jowl and a raw egg cracked in the center. Then give the kinilaw na pugita, a ceviche-style dish, a try. Chase it with some deep-fried apples nestled inside spring roll wrappers.

Bad Saint, One of the Best Restaurants in Washington DC
Source: Bad Saint

3. Rasika

Rasika, which is derived from Sanskrit meaning “flavors,” is the award-winning modern Indian restaurant.

Rasika is a modern Indian restaurant which takes its inspiration from an age old approach to dining. This approach allows you to choose a variety of appetizers and entrees to share with your dining companions.

At Rasika, you can enjoy different dining venues including a showcase open kitchen where you can see our chefs cooking on the Tawa (griddle) and sigri (bar-b-que), a relaxing bar and lounge area, a community dining table, the main dining room or a private dining room.

Rasika, One of the Best Restaurants in Washington DC
Source: Rasika

4. Tail Up Goat

Located in the historic Adams Morgan enclave of Washington DC, Tail Up Goat is the establishment that was a restaurant created for the locals. Don’t be afraid to try some dishes with a friend like the lamb ribs.

What is the surefire way to tell between a sheep and a goat? Tail up, goat. Tail down, sheep.

The restaurant’s name is a nod to the US Virgin Islands, where Jill Tyler, one of the restaurant’s founders, grew up. The beach here is where time slows down and you can reconnect with friends and family. The goal is that the restaurant is that kind of place for the locals.

Tail Up Goat, One of the Best Restaurants in Washington DC
Source: Tail Up Goat

5. The Dabney

Check out The Dabney for locally sourced food from the Mid-Atlantic’s finest farms and purveyors. A wood burning hearth is the centerpiece of the restaurant that allows The Dabney to stick to its classic cooking methods.

The Dabney Cellar is located right around the corner from the restaurant and features a large wine list with a variety of wines by the glass as well as a raw bar, locally-sourced charcuterie and cheeses. Also check out the menu of small shareable dishes.

The Dabney, One of the Best Restaurants in Washington DC
Source: The Dabney

6. Little Serow

Little Serow (rhymes with sparrow) serves a set, family-style dinner of northern and northeastern Thai dishes for $54 per person.

The menu is updated weekly, so check back on Tuesdays for the weekly hits.

The dinner is usually spicy and almost always includes pork, seafood and nuts. Don’t go and try to order something custom. It is not allowed. If you can get down with the rules, Little Serow is an adventure worth checking out on our best restaurants list.

Little Serow, One of the Best Restaurants in Washington DC
Source: Little Serow

7. Himitsu

Himitsu is a Japanese-inspired restaurant combining freshness, acidity and herbs, leaning heavily on Southeast Asian and Latin American flavor profiles in our food.

The beverage program focuses equally on curated cocktails and natural, biodynamic, and woman-produced wines.

Himitsu, One of the Best Restaurants in Washington DC
Source: Himitsu

8. Rose’s Luxury

Check out Rose’s Luxury for an eclectic menu. Starting with Southern Comfort food, dishes are threaded with ingredients from around the globe from Southeast Asia, Mexico, Italy and France.

The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Try the fried chicken. Its brined in pickle juice. Dining solo? This best restaurant spot sometimes passes out free dishes for those dining alone.

Rose's Luxury, One of the Best Restaurants in Washington DC
Source: Rose’s Luxury

9. Masseria

Masseria is a celebration of big, harmonious flavors and the finest Italian cooking. In October 2016, it earned a Michelin star within Washington, DC’s first-ever guide.

The restaurant’s name carries a heartfelt meaning, defining the charming agricultural farm of the Puglia region, which is heavily rooted in the chef’s heritage.

Entering into a handsome courtyard with relaxed seating, Masseria combines the raw and simple look of an Italian country estate, the industrial grit of the Union Market district, and the undeniable chic of its fashion-savvy chef-owner.

Masseria, One of the Best Restaurants in Washington DC
Source: Masseria

10. Maydan

Maydan explores the cuisines of the Middle East, Africa, and the Mediterranean, taking diners on an exotic culinary journey.

The blazing fire pit takes center stage, while earthen textures and rustic elements adorn the stylish, bi-level space.

Maydan, One of the Best Restaurants in Washington DC
Source: Maydan

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