Most Popular Thanksgiving Side Dish by State for 2020

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It’s that time of the year again where we take a look at what everyone is eating. In 2019, Thanksgiving felt a lot different in 2019 than it does this year. We took a look at Google Trends to see what every state was searching for the most.

It became quickly obvious that Mashed Potatoes was the top side item as it was the favorite in 10 states. Mac and Cheese was a close second with seven states searching the most. As you can see Mac and Cheese is really popular along the Atlantic Coast but doesn’t really show up elsewhere.

Broccoli Casserole was the favorite in Kentucky and no where else.

A side salad is the favorite in Maine! Does Maine even know what is available at Thanksgiving?

Some states like their gravy white, some states like it dark, and some states want it straight from the turkey. Shout out to the states where the most important side is something that you pour over other sides!

Iowa is going with straight corn. I’m not surprised, but maybe Iowa just has corn on their mind at all times?

Some states call it dressing. Some call it stuffing. We just grouped it together, but we left Louisiana in their own class with Cornbread Stuffing.

Let’s see how 2020 shapes up, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Bourbon makes the list for most popular 2020 Thanksgiving side items!

Wondering where your state lands? Take a look below to see where you shake out!

Top Thanksgiving Side Item Dish by State Map
  • Alabama: Dressing / Stuffing
  • Alaska: Hashbrown Casserole
  • Arizona: Green Bean Casserole
  • Arkansas: Gravy
  • California: Mashed Potatoes
  • Colorado: Mashed Potatoes
  • Connecticut: Mashed Potatoes
  • Delaware: Mac and Cheese
  • District of Columbia: Mac and Cheese
  • Florida: Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Georgia: Mac and Cheese
  • Hawaii: Gravy
  • Idaho: Green Bean Casserole
  • Illinois: Mashed Potatoes
  • Indiana: Deviled Eggs
  • Iowa: Corn
  • Kansas: Cream Corn
  • Kentucky: Broccali Casserole
  • Louisiana: Cornbread Dressing
  • Maine: Side Salad
  • Maryland: Mac and Cheese
  • Massachusetts: Dressing / Stuffing
  • Michigan: Green Bean Casserole
  • Minnesota: Mashed Potatoes
  • Mississippi: Baked Sweet Potatoes
  • Missouri: Rolls
  • Montana: Mashed Potatoes
  • Nebraska: Green Bean Casserole
  • Nevada: Mashed Potatoes
  • New Hampshire: Cranberry Sauce
  • New Jersey: Dressing / Stuffing
  • New Mexico: Green Bean Casserole
  • New York: Dressing / Stuffing
  • North Carolina: Mac and Cheese
  • North Dakota: Mashed Potatoes
  • Ohio: Green Bean Casserole
  • Oklahoma: Rolls
  • Oregon: Biscuits
  • Pennsylvania: Dressing / Stuffing
  • Rhode Island: Dressing Stuffing
  • South Carolina: Mac and Cheese
  • South Dakota: Crescent Rolls
  • Tennessee: Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Texas: Green Bean Casserole
  • Utah: Rolls
  • Vermont: Dressing / Stuffing
  • Virginia: Mac and Cheese
  • Washington: Mashed Potatoes
  • West Virginia: Rolls
  • Wisconsin: Mashed Potatoes
  • Wyoming: Gravy

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