How Much Does Uber Eats Cost?

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According to Uber Eats, for each order, you’ll pay for the cost of the food, an Uber Eats booking fee (delivery fee + service fee), and any applicable taxes. Each restaurant decides how much they want to charge for their food. Restaurant prices and offers may vary from what you see when you visit the restaurant in person. Most delivery fees will range from $0.49 to $3.99. Service fees are 15% of your order total, so on a $15 order, your service fee would be $2.25. Therefore, your total Uber Eats cost would range from $2.74 – $6.24, depending on the delivery fee for that restaurant.

The Delivery Fee

The delivery fee ranges from $0.49 – $3.99. Why does the Uber Eats Delivery fee vary from store to store? What you will see is that the delivery fee will often be higher for independent restaurants and lower for chain restaurants. Many times, chain restaurants will negotiate for lower delivery fees to drive higher volumes through the platform. Additionally, delivery fees may vary based on available drivers in the area and average time to deliver. Delivering in the suburbs can be very different than in a large city.

The Service Fee

Service fees can equal up to 15% based on an order’s subtotal up to $4.50. The fee does not apply to restaurants that deliver their own orders.

The Minimum Order

You will often see a minimum order of $10 that could lead to an extra $2 fee. In that $10 order, your fee would typically be 15% or $1.50. An extra $2 fee makes customers think twice before placing small orders but gives incentives to drivers and Uber to actually deliver these orders.

Delivery Adjustment Fee

A delivery adjustment fee refers to an update you made after placing your order- like changing your address. It helps to pay your delivery person for extra time and effort.

If you changed your address, the delivery adjustment and items in your cart may be subject to tax based on your new delivery location.

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