Arby’s Complete Keto Guide for 2022

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So you are running into 2022 with a new diet to get the year started off right? One of the biggest trends in diets these days is the Keto Diet.

Arby’s has the “Meats”, so even though there isn’t an officially licensed Keto menu, there are a lot of low carb options.

Just like many fast food restaurants, your quickest path to a Keto friendly diet is to avoid the bun. Avoid the fried foods. Ignore the condiments (sometimes a low amount of carbs)

Here is a good summary of low carb items. A person on a Keto diet should keep their carbs less than 50g per day.

We provided net carbs because net carbs only include carbs that the body can fully digest into glucose.

ItemCaloriesCarbsNet Carbs
Smokehouse Brisket (No Bun)3603g2g
Bacon Beef n’ Cheddar (no bun or ranch)2504g4g
Triple Decker (no bun, onion or tomato)4008g8g
Classic Beef n’ Cheddar (no bun or ranch)1803g3g
Double Beef n’ Cheddar (no bun or ranch)2803g3g
Half Pound Beef n Cheddar (no bun or ranch)4606g6g
French Dip & Swiss (no bun and no au jus)2902g2g
Fire Roasted Philly Roast Beef (no Bun)4305g4g
Classic Roast Beef (no bun)1501g1g
Double Roast Beef (no bun)1802g2g
Half Pound Roast Beef4102g2g
Three Cheese Roast Beef (no bun or onion)4503g3g
Jalapeno Roast Beef Slider (no bun)1101g1g
Roast Beef n Cheese Slider (no bun)1101g1g
Roast Beef Gyro (no pita)2905g4g
Reuben (no bun)3507g6g
Reuben (no bun or Thousand island dressing)2204g3g
Loaded Italian (no bun)4808g7g
Ham & Cheese Slider (no bun)1002g2g
Ultimate BLT (no bread)5907g6g
Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich (no bread)45010g8g
Turkey Avocado Club (no bun)3407g5g
Turkey Avocado Club (no bun or tomato)3305g4g
Triple decker (no bun or tomato)4008g8g
Grand Turkey Club (no bun)3004g3g
Roast Turkey & Swiss (no bun)3206g5g
Roast Turkey & Swiss Wrap without wrap3206g5g
Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon without bread4107g6g
Roast Turkey Ranch and Bacon Wrap without wrap4207g6g
Turkey Gyro (no pita)2106g5g
Turkey Slider (no bun)701g1g
Chopped Salad (no dressing)704g3g
Roast Turkey Farmhouse Salad2308g6g
Light Italian Dressing202g2g
Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing1304g4g
Buttermilk Ranch Dressing2102g2g
Mayonnaise packet1000g0g
Horsey Sauce Packet603g3g
Arby’s Sauce Packet102g2g
Buffalo Dipping Sauce Packet102g2g
Ranch Dipping Sauce Packet1002g1g
Cheddar Cheese Sauce container504g1g

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