Blaze Complete Keto Guide for 2022

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So you are running into 2022 with a new diet to get the year started off right? One of the biggest trends in diets these days is the Keto Diet.

Just like many fast food restaurants, your quickest path to a Keto friendly diet is to avoid the bread.

Blaze Keto Crust

To begin with, how do you get that pizza craving taken care of? Pizza is notoriously carb heavy, but Blaze has you covered.

To begin with, they came out with a keto crust. The keto crust is somewhat made up of cauliflower but isn’t the same as the regular cauliflower crust.

Be sure to order KETO!!!!! This crust has 6g of net carbs.

The REGULAR cauliflower crust has a crazy 84g of net carbs

Here is a good summary of low carb items. A person on a Keto diet should keep their carbs less than 50g per day.

We provided net carbs because net carbs only include carbs that the body can fully digest into glucose.

ItemCaloriesCarbsNet Carbs
Keto Crust41014g6g
Half Keto Crust2057g3g
Garlic Pesto Sauce902g2g
Red Sauce303g3g
Spicy Red Sauce304g3g
White Cream Sauce502g2g
Feta Cheese901g1g
Goat Cheese901g1g
Grated Parmesan350g0g
Ovalini Mozzarella1502g2g
Shaved Parmesan250g0g
Shredded Mozzarella1802g2g
Vegan Cheese18014g12g
Applewood Bacon1200g0g
Grilled Chicken351g1g
Hot Chicken Meatballs1100g0g
Italian Meatballs802g2g
Italian Sausage1101g1g
Smoked Ham601g1g
Spicy Chorizo1205g2g
Banana Peppers00g0g
Black Olives401g1g
Cherry Tomatoes52g2g
Chopped Garlic153g3g
Green Bell Pepper50g0g
Kalamata Olives603g3g
Red Onions103g3g
Red Peppers102g2g
Roasted Brussel Sprouts303g2g
Roasted Butternut Squash203g3g
Roasted Garlic8015g15g
Sauteed Onion304g4g
Scorpion Slaw802g1g

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