Which Countries Do and Don’t have KFC Locations?

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Where to eat KFC when you are traveling around the World?

Which Countries Have KFC?

So you are traveling, far from home, and looking for some good old fried chicken? Where can you find KFC across the globe?

We did a little research and as of 2021, there are more than 25,000 KFC outlets in 145 countries and territories in the world. The Major markets for KFC include China (over 7,900 stores), the United States (4,062 stores), Japan (1,131 stores), Russia (over 1000 stores), South Africa (914 stores, the United Kingdom (909 stores), Malaysia (718 stores), Thailand (717 stores), Australia (653 stores), and Canada (639 stores)

What Countries do not have a KFC?

There are so many places to find KFC, but there are also some spots that no longer offer the fried chicken chain. There are no longer any KFC locations in Zimbabwe, Israel, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Guyana, Haiti, Andorra, Norway, or Fiji. You should be happy to be in Fiji though, so you will probably get over no fried chicken.

How Many KFC Locations in Africa?

So you are hanging out in Africa and have the desire for some finger lickin’ chicken? In Africa, there are close to 1000 stores across 25 different countries. KFC entered South Africa in 1971 and has been growing ever since. Other large markets in Africa include Egypt, Morocco, Nambia, and Nigeria.

CountryYear enteredOwner/major operatorNotes
Angola2012Grupo Ibersol9 outlets.
Botswana1992Baobab Energy Botswana16 outlets.
Egypt1973Americana Group154 outlets.
Eswatini1993KFC South AfricaSeven outlets.
Gabon2019Resto Group1 Outlet
Ghana2011Mohinani Group17 outlets.
Ivory Coast2018Vivo Energy3 outlets
Kenya2011Kuku Foods East Africa21 outlets.
Lesotho2012KFC Baobab Lesotho (Pty) Ltd8 outlets.
Madagascar2019NoneOne outlet in Ankorondrano, Antananarivo
Malawi2012Afribrand Limited2 outlets.
Mauritius1983Food & Allied Group21 outlets.
Morocco2001Americana Group17 outlets.
Mozambique2007Grupo Ibersol14 outlets.
Namibia1992Baobab Energy Namibia21 outlets.
Nigeria2009Devyani International Nigeria Limited21 outlets.
Rwanda2020Kuku Foods East Africa1 Outlet
Senegal2019Sedima Group1 Outlet
South Africa1971Yum Restaurants International (Pty) Ltd914 locations
Sudan2019Araak GroupOpened on April 12 2019, 4 outlets in Khartoum and Omdurman.
Tanzania2013Kuku Foods East Africa5 locations
Tunisia2018HBG groupThree outlets.
Uganda2013Kuku Foods East AfricaEight outlets.
Zambia2011Four outlets.
Zimbabwe1991–20082013–presentCountry Bird Holdings

How Many KFC Locations in Asia?

KFC is a massive brand in Asia, and it is anchored by nearly 8,000 stores in China? Where else can you eat KFC in Asia? Other large margkets in Asia include Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Phillippines, Signapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

CountryYearenteredOwner/major operatorNotes
Armenia2007Derjava9 outlets.
Bangladesh2006Transcom Group24 locations
Brunei1992QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd17 outlets.
China1987Yum China7,900 locations
Cambodia2008The Royal Group and QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd11 stores
Hong Kong1973-1975, 1985-presentBirdland Ltd75 locations
India1995Sapphire Foods Ltd
Devyani International Ltd
395 locations
Indonesia1979PT Fastfood Indonesia689 stores
Japan1970KFC Holdings Japan, Ltd1131 locations
Kazakhstan2008, 2010Americana Group59 stores
Kyrgyzstan20174 outlets.
Macau2001-2009, 2010s-Present5 outlets
Malaysia1973-1992, 2004-PresentQSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd718 locations
Maldives2018Sapphire Foods2 outlets
Mongolia2013Tavan Bogd Group12 outlets.
Myanmar201533 Stores
Nepal2009Devyani International11 stores
Pakistan1997Delicious Holdings83 locations
Philippines1967Wholesome Foods Inc332 stores
Singapore1977QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd86 locations
South Korea1984Doosan Group190 stores
Sri Lanka1995Cargills Ceylon PLCCurrently 39 outlets
Taiwan1985Jardine Matheson153 Locations
Thailand1984Yum Restaurants International (Thailand) and Central Restaurants Group717 Locations
Uzbekistan2018International Food ChainFour locations
Vietnam1997KFC Vietnam136 Locations

How Many KFC Locations in Central and South America?

Traveling south of Kentucky, in fact south of the United States, you may be looking for some fried chicken while enjoying some sun. If you happen to be in Central or South America, you are still in luck to find some KFC. You will find quite a few KFCs to choose from in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Jamaica, Panama, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, and Venezuela.

CountryYearenteredOwner/major operatorNotes
Antigua and BarbudaN/AKFC Antigua2 outlets
Argentina2010Desarrollos Gastronomicos S.A.18 locations
ArubaN/AHucor HoldingFour outlets
Bahamas1967Myers Group13 outlets.
Barbados197112 outlets.
Bolivia20143 outlets.
Bonaire1992Harborside Foodcourt, NV, Ruth van Tilburg-ObreOne outlet.
Brazil1973Brazil Fast Food Corporation60 Locations
Cayman Islands1976KFC Cayman3 Stores
Chile1992Desarrollos Gastronomicos S.A. (Degasa)68 outlets
Colombia1993INT79 outlets.
Costa Rica1970QSR International43 outlets
Cuba2004AAFESOne outlet
CuracaoHucor HoldingSeven outlets.
Dominica2010Fine Foods IncOne outlet.
Dominican Republic1997Kentucky Foods Group Ltd27 outlets
Ecuador1975INT Food Services Corp.144 outlets
El Salvador2004Corporacion de Franquicias Americanas (CFA)7 outlets.
French Guiana4 outlets.
Grenada4 outlets
Guadeloupe5 outlets
Guatemala20097 outlets.
Guyana1994DidcoFive Outlets
Jamaica2010Restaurants of Jamaica37 outlets
Honduras2004Grupo Comidas15 stores
MartiniqueOne outlet
Panama1969Franquicias Panamenas44 outlets
Paraguay2014Southfood S.A.3 outlets.
Peru1981Delosi128 locations
Puerto Rico1967Encanto Restaurants, Inc81 outlets.
Saint Kitts and NevisOne outlet.
Saint LuciaFour outlets
Sint MaartenFour outlets.
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines1986Ken Boyea2 locations
Suriname1996Cirkel Group6 outlets.
Trinidad & Tobago1973Prestige Holdings Limited58 stores
United States Virgin Islands5 outlets
Venezuela197325 outlets

How Many KFC Locations in Europe?

Where can you pick up some fried chicken on your backpacking trip through Europe? KFC has a stronghold in the United Kingdom with nearly 1,000 stores. That said, you can also find quite a few KFCs in Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, and Turkey.

CountryYearenteredOwner/major operatorNotes
Albania2016?7 Stores
Austria2005Queensway Restaurants Ltd AmRest8 Stores
Azerbaijan2011GFC Ltd11 outlets
Belarus2015Bel Food Service LLC, CreativeFood-S-Vostok LLC19 outlets
Belgium2019Autogrill9 outlets
Bulgaria1994Samex Ltd.27 outlets
Croatia201AmRest8 outlets.
Cyprus2013/2014CK Restaurant System Franchisers Ltd
PHC Franchised Restaurants Ltd
26 outlets
Czech Republic1995AmRest97 outlets
Denmark1992ISKEN ApS.10 locations
Estonia2019Apollo Group OÜ6 locations
Finland2021Apollo GroupOne locations
France2001KFC France248 locations
Georgia2010Five outlets
Germany1968KFC GB Ltd173 locations
Greece1992Amex S.A8 locations
Hungary1992AmRest78 locations
Iceland1980KFC ehf8 locations
Ireland1971KFC (GB) Ltd40 locations
Italy2014KFC® Italy Srl51 locations
Kosovo2016KAN11 outlets
Latvia2014Apollo Group5 outlets
Lithuania2007UAB Cibus RestaurantsFour outlets.
Luxembourg2019AutogrillOne outlet.
Malta1997The Farsons Group2 outlets.
Moldova2008US Food Network2 outlets
Netherlands1972KFC Netherlands76 locations
North Macedonia2018KAN International3 locations
Poland1992AmRest300 outlets.
Portugal1994Grupo Ibersol34 outlets
Romania1997/1998Sphera Franchise Group83 locations
Russia1993Yum! International1000+ locations
Serbia2007AmRest12 locations
Slovakia2006Queensway Restaurants Slovakia9 locations
Slovenia2018AmRestOne outlet
Spain1970AmRest143 outlets
Sweden2014Nordic Service Partners12 outlets.
Switzerland2017Kentucky Fried Chicken(Great Britain) Ltd11 locations
Turkey1989KFC Turkey142 outlets
Ukraine2012Global Restaurant Group38 locations
United Kingdom1965KFC GB Ltd909 locations

How Many KFC Locations in the Middle East?

Not even the MIddle East is too remote for some KFC fried chicken. The majority of the KFC locations in the Middle East are in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, but you can also find quite a few KFC stores in Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman,and Qatar.

CountryYearenteredOwner/major operatorNotes
Bahrain1973Americana Group24 outlets.
Iraq20158 Outlets
Jordan1973Americana Group27 outlets.
Israel2020Global KFC7 outlets
Kuwait1973Americana Group66 outlets.
Lebanon1973Shaban Brothers Ltd23 outlets.
Oman1977Americana Group36 outlets.
Palestine2011ACRFF3 locations
Qatar1976Americana Group39 outlets.
Saudi Arabia1975Americana Group220 outlets.
Yemen20021 outlet.
United Arab Emirates1975Americana Group151 outlets

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