KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Secret Menu

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KFC features one of the oldest and best fried chicken recipes. Kentucky Fried Chicken also has evolved to add many bone free chicken options. It is also one of the fast food restaurants with some of the most side options available.

Even given all the options on the KFC menu, there has to be a solid secret menu, right? We did some digging and found a pretty good secret menu including, Custom Famous bowls, the Hot Pocket Bowl, Poutine, and the Triple Down. There are also some extras that you need to know about like extra biscuits, extra bacon and extra mashed potatoes.

Custom Famous Bowl

The KFC Famous Bowl has been around for years and was the creation of some executives that liked to mix their food together. You know the people that mix their food together in a weird mixture.

Well, KFC took the guess work out of this adventure for you and put together the famous bowl that included mashed potatoes, corn, chicken, cheese and gravy. If this isn’t exactly what you want, feel free to start mixing it up.

KFC will gladly remove or add any of their menu items into the bowl as well. Get creative, and make your custom bowl!

Hot Pocket Bowl

The Hot Pocket Bowl? Who made this up? Well, actually KFC had this as a normal dish on their regular menu for a while. The hot pocket bowl is very similar to the regular famous bowl, but it adds a nice pocket of dough. Feel free to ask, and maybe you will get lucky that there is some dough to add into your bowl. Hot pockets aren’t just for the microwave!


This one is the most unique item, and you probably won’t want to say Poutine out loud. You may get some weird looks, but if your local KFC serves up french fries you may be in luck.

To complete this secret menu item, just ask for cheese and gravy to be put on top of your fries. Poutine is famous in other parts of the world. French fries with cheese are already towards the unhealthy side, so you should just go for it and add a little gravy on top as well.

Triple Down

KFC was famous for the double down. The double down wasn’t for the faint at heart as it included two fried chicken breasts with bacon and cheese in between. Who needs a bun when you can use two fried chicken breasts instead?

Well, if two wasn’t enough for you, you should try the secret item of the Triple Down. The Triple Down is simply the Double down with extra bacon, an extra chicken breast and extra cheese. Who wouldn’t want three instead of two?

Bacon all day (add it)

One of the most popular trends in the fast food world is to add bacon to literally everything. Bacon makes all kinds of food great. From burgers to chocolate, a little extra bacon makes so many foods special.

At KFC, feel free to add bacon to your bowl, a chicken sandwich, the double down (some extra) or any of the other menu items. You won’t be disappointed.

Mashed Potatoes all day

Did the extra bacon not take your meal over the top? If not, you may need to add some mashed potatoes and gravy on top. Order mashed potatoes and gravy on top of a sandwich or on top of your other fried chicken. This definitely takes the calories up, but it also adds immensely to the flavor profile!

Side of Biscuits

Most of the traditional bone-in chicken options at KFC include a side of a biscuit. Family meals often include a set of biscuits. If you are like me, one biscuit usually doesn’t cut it.

If you are like me, you NEED more than one biscuit. You are in luck here though because you can add as many biscuits as you want. Just know there will be an extra charge.

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