Best Restaurants in San Francisco

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Where to eat in San Francisco? Here are some of the best restaurants to try out in San Francisco

Many of the typical restaurant review sites leave you with too much information and too many options. We keep the list short, so find a great spot here and enjoy!

In no particular order, here are some great restaurant spots you should check out

1. Al’s Place

First off, there is no AL. Aaron Langdon comes with some fun takes on vegetables. The fries are to die for. They are brined for 96 hours in water with salt and cabbage before being twice-fried and served up with smoked apple sauce.

Who knew you could put so much love into french fries? Also check out items like baby lettuce with herbed avacado and pitachio crumble. Meat takes a back seat here.

AL's Place, one of the best restaurants in San Francisco
Source: AL’s Place

2. La Taqueria

A San Francisco list isn’t complete without a standout Taqueria. This one continues to stand out with what many consider one of the best burritos in America. The carnitas are also some of the best around.

Ask for your burrito dorado style. They will crisp it up for you. Also ask for a side of salsa roja at the counter (verde on the table)

La Taqueria, One of the Best Restaurants in San Francisco
Source: La Taqueria

3. Liholiho Yacht Club

Cali-Hawaiian food. What does this mean? Chef Ravi Kapur pairs of the flavors of Hawaiian food (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, and more) with California produce. 

Liholiho Yacht Club, one of the best restaurants in San Francisco
Source: Liholiho Yacht Club

4. Mister Jiu’s

High-end Chinese with a Northern Cal flare. Come to this restored historic space with style and new accents. This best restaurant on our list also has a tasting menu.

Mister Jiu's, one of the best restaurants in San Francisco
Source: Mister Jiu’s

5. Petit Crenn

Upon arriving to San Francisco in the early 90s, Chef Dominique Crenn found the coastal landscapes of Northern California to be welcoming, bringing back memories of her formative years spent in Brittany.

Petit Crenn embodies the cooking of her mother and grandmother, one that relied on the bounty of their garden and the cold waters of Northwestern France. Through this, the rich heritage of Breton cuisine is married to the abundance of seafood and produce in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Petit Crenn, one of the best restaurants in San Francisco
Source: Petit Crenn

6. Rintaro

Cali-Japanese. Born in Japan and raised in California, Chef Sylvan Brackett combines California ingredients with Japanese techniques.  They grill pasture-raised chicken over a binchotan-burning Yakitori Grill.

The udon is kneaded, rolled and cut by hand. Their Wasabi root is grown in Half Moon Bay and ground on a sharkskin board. They make their own tofu, umeshu, umeboshi and other fresh pickles.

Rintaro, one of the best restaurants in San Francisco
Source: Rintaro

7. Swan Oyster Depot

Some of the best seafood in town and open only for lunch. Get there when it opens at 10:30. You may ever venture over by yourself to get one of the 18 seats!

Swan Oyster Depot, One of the best restaurants in San Francisco
Source: Swan Oyster Depot

8. Tartine Manufactory

Go and stay all day at the factory, Starting with Manufactory branded coffee alongside pastries, you can stay through Dinner.

If waiting isn’t your thing, go straight for the grab and go. Also check out the ceramics to take home from the local artists.

Tartine Manufactory, one of the best restaurants in San Francisco
Source: Tartine Manufactory

9. Zuni Cafe

The daily changing menus are inspired by seasonal organic ingredients and incorporate traditional French and Italian cuisine.  Nearly all of the produce, meat, and fish is farmed or harvested in a sustainable manner.

Zuni Cafe, one of the best restaurants in San Francisco
Source: Zuni Cafe

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