Winter is Coming; Foods that Make you Happy

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One of the things that we love about foods is that they have many powers over our bodies. You have probably heard that “you are what you eat”, and that statement is so true. Foods can give energy or make you feel a certain way. With winter about to kick in, we decided to take a look at the foods that can make you happy.

Many researchers have studied foods that can make you feel happy. Some of the foods known to make you feel good include Salmon, Mushrooms, Quinoa, Dark Chocolate, Yogurt, leafy green vegetables, beef, grapes, turnip greens, oranges, and pumpkin seeds.


Omega 3 fatty acids have been known to have many great properties. One of those properties is the ability to put you in a good mood.

Fresh salmon is the best stuff, but many would argue that canned salmon can be a good substitute as well.


Vitamin D has been known to hold some great anti-depression qualities. Your parents probably told you to drink your milk, but there are also other foods that contain high levels of Vitamin D.

One of those foods is the mushroom.


Quinoa has started to rise as a substitute food recently. Instead of using wheat-based products, those looking to avoid gluten are now looking to quinoa. Quinoa also has been found to contain flavonoids. These flavonoids also carry anti-depressant effects and make you happier.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate tastes great, especially once you have acquired the taste. Can such good tasting foods make you feel happy just from tasting good? Well, it probably can temporarily but that isn’t the only reason.

Dark chocolate also has been seen to increase endorphin levels and make you feel happy.


More and more studies are showing that a healthy gut equals a healthy brain. Most people accept that foods that contain probiotics can really aid in digestion and regulation of the gut. Yogurt is a great probiotic to help with this and give you a shot at that happiness!

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are almost universally known to be good for you. Even many kids know this as they don’t want to eat them. That said, eating leafy greens gives you a dose of vitamin B6 which has been shown to regulate your mood.


Who would have thought that meat and vegetables could act the same? Well, beef and leafy greens both tend to be high in B6 and therefore can boost your mood.


In addition to increasing endorphins, dark chocolate also has been known to have plenty of antioxidants used to help your mood. Well grapes are another food that is high on its antioxidant producing properties. Turnip Greens


Oranges and other citrus fruits have been known to be high in vitamin C. Your mom probably told you to take this when you had a cold and to boost your immune system. In addition, vitamin C binds to free radicals and allows your body to remove them. This also has the property to help boost your mood.

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