Where does Pizza Grease come From on the Pizza and What is it?

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You just ordered a big pizza. It looks and smells fantastic. The only downside is that you see a massive amount of pizza grease. Its shiny and messy, and you don’t know what to do with it. So why does pizza have grease?

Where does pizza grease come from? The pizza grease wasn’t added by someone making your pizza. Most of the time, the pizza grease is the result of ingredients cooking at a very high temperature and separating the fat that usually is hidden inside things like pepperonis, cheese, sausage and other meats. Essentially pizza grease is fat.

Why is Pizza Grease Orange?

As pizza grease is just fat released in liquid form, it will usually take on whatever color that it came from. Generally, when you see orange pizza grease it comes from Pepperoni. Pepperoni gets its color from the spices used in seasoning, and that is why pizza grease turns orange.

Does dabbing grease off pizza help?

Are you already a pizza dabber, or do you know what I mean? A pizza dabber is that person that uses a napkin to get the grease off a slice of pizza, using a paper towel or napkin. Even if that isn’t you, you likely know someone that uses this tactic.

So does pizza dabbing help anything? Well yes, LabDoor as well as the Today Show, dabbed pizza and found that dabbing pizza actually removes calories from the slice of pizza. In a test with Domino’s pizza, dabbing a piece of pepperoni pizza reduces the fat per slice from 13 grams to 8.5 grams and calories to 76.5 from 117 calories. That’s a huge savings for being that annoying guy with the napkin!

Is Pizza Grease bad for You?

According to many reports as well as Business Insider, pizza (including the grease) can actually be good for you. Since grease is just a fat, some fat content in moderation can actually be good for you. Fat can serve many purposes.

Healthy fats can be a good way to make your nails, hair or skin from drying out and staying strong. Olive oil, for example, is seen as a healthy fat with tons of great nutrition.

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