Wendy’s Secret Menu

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The Wendy’s menu has always been the home of fresh burgers (never frozen) and also boasts chicken sandwiches, nuggets, fries, chili and more. If you can’t find something at Wendy’s on the regular menu, there is always the secret menu. Here is what to look for on the secret menu. Enjoy!

Asiago Beef Burger

Sometimes secret menu items are born from a simple swap of meat. The Asiago Chicken sandwich has already lived on the regular menu. This sandwich includes apple wood smoked bacon, Asiago cheese, creamy ranch sauce, lettuce and tomato on a toasted bun.

Instead of the chicken, try swapping a burger for the chicken. The Asiago chicken is marinated in a unique blend, but everything else can be replicated with a swap of the burger.

Barnyard Burger

Most sandwiches only contain one animal from the farm. Why only get one when you can include the whole barnyard? The barnyard burger includes bacon (pig), a beef patty (cow), spicy chicken, and ham with cheese between every meat.

This sandwich is definitely an overload of meat, but it is one of the most interesting sandwich experiences to give a try.

Chili Cheese Burger

Ok, so one of the unique items that Wendy’s serves up is a bowl of chili. This is definitely one of the best chili’s in fast food, but it goes underutilized.

This is where the secret menu comes in. Try ordering a chili cheese burger which is asking for a scoop of chili added to your regular cheeseburger. If they won’t oblige, you can always order a cup of chili and make it yourself.

Grand Slam Burger

Is a single, a double or triple burger not enough for you? Well, go for 4 and get a grand slam. The grand slam burger has four of the beef patties along with cheese.

The rest of the toppings are up to you, but a grand slam with four patties a great place to start.

Quad Baconator

Was the grand slam not enough? Four beef patties are a lot of meat, but there is something that can make it even better. Bacon is that secret ingredient to put almost any sandwich over the top, even a quadruple burger.

The quad baconator is simply adding bacon on top of each burger. Add some cheese, lettuce and mayo to really make this an extreme sandwih.

Jurasic Burger

When we start naming things after dinosaurs, you know we are getting to pretty big proportions. The jurassic burger is 10 beef patties with all the toppings including lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles sandwiched between a single bun.

Good luck ordering one as many Wendy’s won’t comply with your request, but you can always order 10 burgers and feed the rest of the buns to some birds.

T. Rex

If you didn’t have much luck with the Jurasic burger, maybe you just need to lower your goals a little bit. After all, 10 burgers is a lot.

If this was only slightly too big, the T. Rex simply drops off a burger, pickles, tomato, cheese and lettuce. 9 burgers and their toppings instead of 10 are what makes up the T. Rex. This was once created by a Reddit user and went viral. Wendy’s ultimately shut down these orders, so good luck getting one. Of course like the Jurassic, you can always piece one together for yourself.

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