Ship a Pizza! – Deep Dish from Giordano’s in Chicago

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One of the Staples when visiting the Windy City is a deep dish pizza. Giordano’s has been serving up deep pies in Chicago since 1974.

The recipe started in a small town in nortern Italy. Mama Giordano was famous around the town for her cooking, and one of her most loved dishes was her “Italian Easter Pie”.

This pie was a double-crusted, cheese stuffed pizza that was a legend in the town and reserved for special occasions.

Years later, Italian immigrants Efren and Josephy Boglio moved to Chicago to start their own pizza business.

If you haven’t yet tried Giordano’s pizza, bring your appetite. The pie is way more filling than your average deep dish.

Now, you don’t have to wait to go to Chicago to try out one of these famous pies. You can head over to the Giordano’s site here.

Get a 2-pizza pack shipped to your house starting at $75. Your cost per pizza will get better if you order larger quantities. A 6-pizza pack is $129.

Giordano’s often makes “Best Pizza” lists, and we sometimes feel silly that it isn’t on our “Best Restaurants in Chicago” List. In reality, we could have filled the list with great pizza spots. Pequod’s Pizza made our list for now.

Feel free to leave us a comment if you think we should change our minds 🙂

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