Most Popular Christmas Dessert in each State for 2020

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Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is quickly approaching. It is getting cold outside, and everyone is looking for something good to eat. Especially this year during COVID, that extra treat may bring a little extra joy to the season.

In 2019, Christmas felt a lot different in than it does this year. We took a look at Google Trends to see what every state was searching for the most.

It became quickly obvious that Cakes were the top treat as it was the favorite in 20 states.

Candy and Cookies came in a close second and third with 12 states favoring some sort of candy and 10 states favoring some sort of cookie.

A few states stood out with some interesting choices. For example, North Dakota loves peanut butter blossoms.

The Carolinas (both North and South) love fruitcake. Who would have thought that people actually liked fruit cake?

Are there a bunch of vegans in Missouri? In the unlikely choice, they are searching for vegan Christmas cookies.

Wondering where your state lands? Take a look below to see where you shake out!

Alabama: Red velvet cake
Alaska: M&Ms
Arizona: Hot chocolate
Arkansas: Cheesecake
California: Peppermint chocolate chip cookies
Colorado: Gingerbread Cake
Connecticut: Cheesecake
Delaware: Chocolate chip cookie
Florida: Cheesecake
Georgia: Red velvet pound cake
Hawaii: Oreo Cheesecake
Idaho: Candy cane
Illinois: Chocolate santas
Indiana: Pudding
Iowa: Oreo balls
Kansas: Cinnamon Roll
Kentucky: Pudding
Louisiana: Pudding
Maine: Chocolate truffles
Maryland: Gingerbread Cake
Massachusetts: Christmas Trifle
Michigan: Cheesecake
Minnesota: Peppermint kiss cookies
Mississippi: Red velvet cake
Missouri: Vegan Christmas cookies
Montana: Yule Log Cake
Nebraska: York Peppermint Pattie
Nevada: Cheesecake
New Hampshire: Gingerbread man
New Jersey: Chocolate Santas
New Mexico: Cheesecake
New York: Cheesecake
North Carolina: Fruitcake
North Dakota: Peanut butter blossoms
Ohio: Cheesecake
Oklahoma: Cheesecake
Oregon: Peppermint bark
Pennsylvania: Gingerbread Cheesecake
Rhode Island: Christmas Trifle
South Carolina: Fruitcake
South Dakota: Sugar cookie
Tennessee: Pudding
Texas: Peppermint chocolate chip cookies
Utah: Jolly Rancher
Vermont: Chocolate chip cookie
Virginia: Gingerbread man
Washington: Skittles
West Virginia: Fudge
Wisconsin: Andes Peppermint
Wyoming: Egg Nog 

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