McDonald’s Secret Menu

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As one of the largest and most recognizable franchises in the world, would you think they have so many secrets? If you are driving through, we have you taken care of. After some digging, we found a few things on the secret menu including an Apple Pie McFlurry, McGriddle Chicken, Big Mac Fries, the Triple Cheeseburger, an ice cream sandwich, and a Neapolitan Shake.

Apple Pie McFlurry

One of the items we always forget on the McDonald’s menu is that little iconic and inexpensive apple pie. The apple pie is such nice and warm treat to end your meal, but it also can be used to step up your dessert.

Have you ever thought about adding one to ice cream? Your grandma probably started this trend, so feel free to join along. Simply order a McFlurry (or vanilla sundae) and an apple pie. Mix the two together for an instant hit!

Ice Cream Sandwich

If you frequent McDonald’s, you are familiar with the clear container that sits on the counter as you are ordering. You probably are tempted as well by the chocolate chip cookies that are staring at you and waiting to ruin your appetite.

The chocolate chip cookies at McDonald’s are really good, and they are usually a great value at 2-3 cookies for $1. What may be better than these gooey chocolate chip cookies? How about making them into an ice cream sandwich.

There is the low budget and the high budget way to do this. If you want the inexpensive option, order a cup of soft serve. Squeeze that soft serve between the cookies and you have an instant ice cream sandwich. Want more flavor? Try a cookies & cream McFlurry to put between the cookies. Now that is a decadent treat!

McGriddle Chicken

If you have ever been hanging out at breakfast time, you have likely heard of the McGriddle. This is bread infused with syrup, essentially a way to have the pancake experience in sandwich form.

Sausage, egg and cheese are standard toppings on the McGriddle. That said, you can also ask for a different meat to be added on. Try adding chicken. You may see the Chicken biscuit, but the Chicken McGriddle is also worth a try.

Big Mac Fries

Some of the best fries in fast food have always been in that box with the golden arches. The fries are good plain, with ketchup or with any other sauce on the menu. They are good dunked in your ice cream McFlury. All of these are standard options.

Outside the box, have you ever thought about fries dipped in Big Mac Sauce? As the most famous sauce on the menu, it feels like an under utilized condiment. Next time ask for some of the Big Mac sauce on the side. We highly recommend!

The Triple Cheeseburger

The McDonald’s menu of course includes the classic cheeseburger. This is the perfect size for a smaller appetite, so they also added the double cheeseburger for the larger ones.

But what if two cheeseburgers on a bun isn’t enough? Well, you still happen to be in luck. Try ordering the triple cheeseburger. It’s pretty simple as one extra burger and slice and cheese in addition to the double.

Neapolitan Shake

You are probably familiar with the classic Neapolitan ice cream which is a mixture of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Even so, have you ever thought about getting this in milk shake form?

All the ingredients are there for the taking. Simply ask for this milk shape in name or describe the mix that you want. We also like the combination of strawberry and chocolate as a side-by-side shake.

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