How Much Money Does an Uber Eats Driver Make?

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Times are tough with Covid. Many people have lost their jobs, had hours cut back or just looking to make a little extra money. At the same time, many people really want flexibility when they are working, so maybe Uber Eats could be a great opportunity to get that extra cash. That said, how much money should you expect to make as a UberEats Driver?

Uber Eats drivers are independent contractors and can work as little or as much as they want. Therefore it can vary widely how much money they make. According to Uber Eats, a driver’s base pay will range from $2-$10+ per delivery and then tips will be added on top of this extra amount. Uber Eats tells drivers to expect $15-$25 per hour, but according to Indeed, the average Uber Eats Driver makes approximately $14.49 per hour. At that rate, working full time 40 hours, you would hope to make $579.60 per week.

The official formula for calculating the Uber Eats payment = Base Fare + Trip Supplement + Promotions + Tips. According to Uber, the base fare, trip supplement and promotions are used to calculate upfront earnings. You will see how much you will make on the delivery before you decide to accept it.

Base Fare

The base fare includes your pay for pickup, dropoff, time and distance. Uber Eats takes all these items in consideration to determine the base pay.

Trip Supplement

The Trip Supplement is added to every delivery to make it worthwhile. A trip supplement payment takes into account many factors to make sure trip earnings are reflective of that trip, such as when they notice that the total time and distance (including travel time to a restaurant) is longer than expected.


Promotions can include things like Boost or Surge. Surge can mean when there are too many deliveries and not enough drivers. Uber must offer these promotions sometimes to entice more drivers to get to work.

Both boost and surge are added on top of the net payout.

Note: Surge is only available in select cities. Refer to your city’s website or to see if surge is available.


According to Uber, 100% of the tips you earn belong to you and are always an addition to earnings.

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