Get a FREE Kentucky Fried Bowlcut (Or Maybe Don’t)

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KFC is at it again. They have definitely been working at their viral marketing over the last few months.

Last month, it was the Fried Chicken-scented Firelogs.

Today, KFC announced the KFC Famous Bowl Cut. The promotion is being used to celebrate the KFC Famous Bowl. The bowl combines mashed potatoes, chicken, corn, cheese and gravy. For a time, these bowls will be offered for $3, and are being advertised as a pound of food for $3.

But the promotion doesn’t stop there. You can head over to to sign up for a free bowl haircut. The free haircuts will be offered on January 10th at Ludlow Blunt in Brookln.

So if you live in New York and are ready to start your year off with a haircut from the 90s, head on over to check out KFC’s promo.

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