Creepy KFC VR Escape Room

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What is your worst nightmare? Could it be that you are locked in a room that you can’t escape until you learn how to fry chicken? Maybe that the directions are coming from a demonic-sounding Colonel Sanders?

If you are ready for this wild, creepy ride and you own an Oculus Rift, you may be in luck. No longer do you need to get a job at KFC to find out what it is like to fry the Colonel’s recipe.

KFC created this as a training last year for new employees to could cut down on errors and the time needed to receive your first training. The virtual reality experience claims to take employees through the cooking experience in 10 minutes as opposed to the normal 25 minute training process.

If you would rather just read about how KFC chicken is made the ‘hard way’, head on over to KFC’s site on “How to Make Chicken the Hard Way.”

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