Best Restaurants in Chicago

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Where to eat in Chicago? Here are some of the best restaurants to try out in Chicago.

Many of the typical restaurant review sites leave you with too much information and too many options. We keep the list short, so find a great spot here and enjoy!

In no particular order, here are some great restaurant spots you should check out

1. Lula Cafe

In 1999, Lula Cafe opened up a small storefront with a four burner home stove and a dented collection of thrifted pots and pans.  Today, it stands as the founding member of the Logan Square culinary community and the “farm to table” movement in Chicago. Self acclaimed Boheme bistro.

If you are around on a Monday, check out one of the weekly “farm dinners” In 18 years, the meal has never been the same.

Lula Cafe, one of the best restaurants in Chicago
Source: Lula Cafe

2. Pequod’s Pizza

The pizza is better than the wait. Every visitor wants to experience Chicago-style pizza while in the windy city, and they should look no further than Pequod’s.

Pequod’s is a little different than the traditiional deep dish spot, but it arguably has the greatest local following and a crispy crust that will have you questioning which side of the pizza to eat first. If you don’t care for the wait, try waiting at the Whale Tale or ordering delivery.

Pequod's Pizza, One of the best restaurants in Chicago
Source: Pequod’s Pizza

3. Au Cheval

This West Loop favorite has been awarded many times as serving one of the best burgers in the country. Outside of the famous burger, it is hard to figure what the concept is here besides good food. From chopped chicken liver to roasted bone marrow, there are intriguing options for all diners.

This dimly lit restaurant with vintage soundtrack is a must hit spot in Chi town. Make sure to get there early as the line goes on for days.

Au Cheval, one of the best restaurants in Chicago. Also known to have one of the best burgers in the country

4. Fat Rice

This one-of-a-kind experience draws it roots from the Portuguese explorers that merged their methods with ingredients and techniques from China, East Asia, India and Brazil. This spot is likely reserved for the adventurous eater that wishes to spend some time in a market in Southeast Asia.

A Portuguese hub of trade, Macau’s cuisine takes flavors and techniques from that country and boldly marries them with Chinese ingredients. This spot likely reserved for the more adventurous eaters.

Fat Rice, one of the best restaurants in Chicago.
Source: Fat Rice

5. Giant

Self-described as delicious and slightly cheffy food, Jason Vincent (one of Chicago’s beloved chefs) returned to the kitchen to serve up a high quality menu. The pastas, crab and waffle fries are staples. This spot is tiny, so make sure to make reservations well in advance.

The perennial signature dish, the “sortallini,” is an envelope of pasta encasing guanciale, cheese and pine nuts, coated in a simple basil-and-tomato sauce. 

Giant, one of the best restaurants in Chicago
Source: Fat Rice

6. Mi Tocaya Antojeria

Another favorite in Logan Square, Mi Tocaya Antojeria is a neighborhood Mexican restaurant inspired by Chef Diana Davila’s extensive travels throughout Mexico.

The offerings of small, medium and large plates combine takes on the traditional Mexican favorites, less know regional specialties and dishes inspired by Davila’s Mexican heritage.

Mi Tocaya Antojeria, one of the best restaurants in Chicago
Source: Mi Tocaya Antojeria

7. Monteverde

Located in Chicago’s West Loop, Monteverde is an Italtian restaurant that blends traditional Italian cooking with former Top Chef Sarah Grueneberg’s trips around the world.

The staff is creating fresh, hand-made pasta through the day, offering a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. Pastas are the star here. 

Monteverde, one of the best restaurants in Chicago
Source: Monteverde

8. Parachute

A funky mom-and-pop Korean American restaurant brought to your from a former Top Chef.  Bing bread (Korean take on baked potato with sour cream bread) and the pork belly and mung bean pancakes are must try.

Parachute, one of the best restaurants in Chicago
Source: Parachute

9. Smoque BBQ

A neighborhood kind of place that is good enough for a destination on the North Side. There are many great barbecue spots in the Windy City, but it is hard to keep up with Smoque’s dry-rubbed, apple and oak-smoked St. Louis style racks.

Smoque, one of the best restaurants in Chicago
Source: Smoque

10. Smyth & The Loyalist

Inspired by locally grown and foraged ingredients, Smyth and the Loyalist offers two dining experiences in one spot in the West Loop. Dine upstairs a the upscale farm-inspired Smyth or downstairs at the Loyalist for burgers, cocktails and creative bar foods.

Smyth & The Loyalist, one of the best restaurants in Chicago
Source: Smyth & The Loyalist

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