White Castle Secret Menu

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Heading to the White Castle for either that late night craving or a box of sliders? When you get there, is the regular menu now enough? Well, there is a secret menu to be had. We found Loaded Fries, a Chicken Parmesan Slider, Bacon on Anything, a Surf & Turf Slider and a Cheese Slider.

Loaded Fries

White Castle serves up the classic crinkle cut fries. These definitely belong as one of our favorite fries. That said, if you are looking to take your experience over the top, feel free to opt for the loaded fries.

Simply order fries with ranch, cheese and bacon (or any other sides you can think of) White Castle is also famous for the grilled onions so you may want to shoot for that combo as well. Enjoy!

Chicken Parmesan Slider

White Castle’s sliders are the focus of the menu (mini burgers) That said, the chicken slider can also give the original a run for its money.

First order some chicken sliders. Next you will need some mozz sticks. These mozzarella sticks come with a side of marinara sauce. Simply combine the three ingredients. Then you have a nice Chicken parm slider!

Surf & Turf Slider

As another variation of the slide, the Surf & Turf Slider is another way to deviate from the traditional slider. Not wanting a burger or even a fish slider, you can have both!

Fried fish plus greasy burger and melted cheese on top will not disappoint!

Cheese Slider

Since we are sticking to the sliders, why not try the White Castle version of a grilled cheese? Skip the burger and onions and just go for the cheese. Cheese on one of those tiny buns? Of course, this is a great choice!

Bacon on Top

In fast food, there is one constant; bacon makes everything better. For a while, White Castle knew this to be true and had the option to add crumbled bacon to any menu item. Now that this has been removed from the menu you can ask for bacon on any other order. Enjoy!

Harold and Kumar Challenge

Not looking for another menu item but want to go for something special? The Harold and Kumar Challenge includes 30 White Castle Burgers, 5 Regular Sized fries, 4 Large Cherry Cokes. Watch this guy go for it!

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