Tail Up Goat

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Located in the historic Adams Morgan enclave of Washington DC, Tail Up Goat is the establishment that was a restaurant created for the locals. Don’t be afraid to try some dishes with a friend like the lamb ribs.

What is the surefire way to tell between a sheep and a goat? Tail up, goat. Tail down, sheep.

The restaurant’s name is a nod to the US Virgin Islands, where Jill Tyler, one of the restaurant’s founders, grew up. The beach here is where time slows down and you can reconnect with friends and family. The goal is that the restaurant is that kind of place for the locals.

Menus Available

Sunday Brunch, Dinner, Drink

What Else

For groups of 6-8, go for the family style dinner


Tail Up Reservations

Phone Number

(202) 986-9600


1827 Adams Mill Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009


Monday – Thursday: 5:30p – 10p
Friday – Saturday: 5p – 10p
Sunday: 11a – 1p & 5p -10p



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