Taco Bell Secret Menu

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The Taco Bell Menu is famous for its ever changing items and tons of choices. Limited Time offers also pop up all the time as well. If you still can’t find something on this massive menu, you can check out the secret menu as well.

On the Taco Bell Secret Menu, we have the Enchirito, Lava Nachos, the Superman, a Double Grilled Quesadilla, and a Cheesarito.


Enchirito. That is just plain fun to say, but it is also fun to eat.(a The enchirito starts out with a regular enchilada. Next, it is stuffed with beef, beans and cheese. Lastly, the enchirito is finished with diced onions and red sauce. Enjoy!

Lava Nachos

There are many varieties of nachos at Taco Bell. 3 Layer and 5 layer nachos are staples on the menu, but lava nachos are excellent as well. To create this item, simply ask for lava sauce on any order of nachos.


Who doesn’t want to be like a superhero? The Superman is acceptable for the mere mortal, but it is likely the choice of the man of steel as well.

The Superman starts with cheesy double beef burrito. Next you add potatoes, sour cream tortilla strips and guacamole. The Superman burrito will not disappoint!

Double Grilled Quesadilla

One of the best parts of a quesadilla is the grilled finish to the dish. If you really enjoy that taste, why not take it to the next level.

The thing that is better than something grilled once is something grilled twice. The Double Grilled Quesadilla is exactly what it sounds like. It is a quesadilla grilled on the skillet twice.


The Cheesarito isn’t overly ambitious on ingredients, but it is still a solid menu hack. To get a cheesarito, simply ask for a large amount of cheese with scallions and taco sauce in a tortilla shell. Simple yet delicious.

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