Louisville Restaurants on the Ohio River

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Are you looking for the perfect spot on the Ohio River while in Louisville? The dirty little secret is that there are actually more spots in Southern Indiana than in Louisville. In both Jeffersonville and New Albany, the view of the river and skyline is much better on the Indiana side.

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Here are the spots on the Louisville side:

Mike Linnigs

Mike Linnigs has been a local favorite since 1925. Still owned and operated by the Linnig family, this is a great spot for seafood off of the Ohio River. Don’t expect a view here though.

Rivue Restaurant and Lounge

Located in the Galt House Hotel, the Rivue Restaurant sits high on the Louisville skyline and looks out on the River. You get to this restaurant by entering the Galt House and taking the elevator to the top floor.

Joe’s Crab Shack

Joe’s Crab Shack is a chain, but it’s deck has one of the closest spots to the river on the Louisville side. This is a good spot for both seafood and traditional American food with a family atmosphere.

Captain’s Quarters

Head to where all the Yachts hang out in Louisville off the Ohio. Captain’s quarters sits away from downtown, heading up the river towards Ohio. This restaurant will give you the feels of a bigger boat community because of the boats that dock here.

Cunningham’s Creekside

We will go ahead an count Cunningham’s Creekside as it sits right off the river and overlooks Harrod’s creek.

Spots on the Indiana Side

Rocky’s Italian Grill

Buckhead Mountain Grill


Bristol Bar & Grill


Near the River Downtown Louisville

If you decide you don’t have to be on the River but can settle with close to the river, there are some other great options available:

Jeff Ruby’s

Doc Crow’s Southern Smokehouse & Raw Bar

Mussel & Burger Bar

Milkwood Restaurant

Troll Pub Under the Bridge

Impellizeri’s Pizza

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