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Ok, so Chipotle seems to be a very limited menu with very flexible options. After all, you head through the line and pick each item to put on your burrito or tacos. Ultimately, you are in complete control at Chipotle more than many other concepts.

That said, we did some research to find out some of the top secret items. We found the secret items at Chipotle to include: the Double Shell Burrito, the Single Taco, Nachos, Quesadilla, the Quesarito, and the Burritodilla.

Here are some of the items to look for on Chipotle’s secret menu:

Double Shell Burrito

Is one burrito shell not enough? Are you an aggressive eater that often finds yourself with a super full burrito that is ripping apart at the seams? If that is you, you may find this to be a super useful hack.

Ask for a double burrito shell around your food or extra shells on the side. Who needs extra taco or burrito shells? You do of course. All your friends do of course. Don’t be shy!

Single Taco

The standard taco meal is for three tacos. A kid’s meal comes with two tacos. Doesn’t it seem like there may need to be a little more flexibility in the number of tacos eaten?

If this happens to be you, you may just be in luck. Ask for a single taco by itself for you light eaters. Ask for another taco on the side if you have a hefty appetite. For an extra few dollars, an extra taco is the perfect add on.


Chipotle has chips, and they have all the fixings for nachos. That said, Nachos have never officially made it on to the menu. There has been talk of this changing for sometime. If you can’t wait for the official menu item, fear not!

A burrito bowl is the perfect start to a good bowl of nachos. To get this secret item, you only have to adjust the burrito bowl a little bit. When it comes time to choose white or brown rice, ask instead for a layer of chips on the bottom. The rest of the bowl’s process stays the same, and you have a great bowl of nachos!


Every good Mexican restaurant serves a quesadilla, either cheese or with some sort of meat like steak or chicken. So why is Chipotle so different? Well, Chipotle doesn’t have to be different.

Next time you are at the restaurant, just ask for a quesadilla. Your favorite Chipotle worker likely won’t bat an eye. Instead they will offer up similar add ons to a burrito. They will finish it off in those sliced pieces and you can enjoy the ooey gooey cheeses.


Is a big burrito not enough for you? Do you need something to add to push it over the top? How about adding a quesadilla to the outside? That is what people call the quesarito. If the employees don’t know what you are talking about, you can explain it as a burrito with a quesadilla on the outside and hopefully they can oblige.

Chipotle Freebies

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch, but we have found that not to be the case in some instances. At Chipotle, we have found a few hacks to take your meal over the top.

Pick both Options

When you are heading through the line, there are many options that you are given. Do you want white or brown rice? Do you want black beans or pinto beans? The options go on as you move down the line.

For this particular hack, decide that you want both. Instead of brown rice or white rice, say that you want half and half. It is really difficult to cut the portions in half, so you may end up getting almost double the amount of food. Try this with rice and beans and further down the line as well!

Free Cilantro

Chipotle’s rice has known to become pretty famous. The reason that it is so good is many times attributed to the cilantro mixed in. We agree that there isn’t really a lot to the rice, but it is really good.

That said, if you are a big fan of the cilantro, feel free to ask for some more! Chipotle has been known to freely throw cilantro on to almost anything you want for free.

Good luck with the secret menu at Chipotle!

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