Chick-fil-A Secret Menu

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Chick-fil-a has quietly but not so quietly become on of the most popular fast food restaurants in the United States. Sales have gone through the roof, tripling over the last five years or so. With its popularity, we did some digging to find out if there are any secret menu items that you need to know about.

According to fans, the secret menu items include a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Cheese Sandwich, Double Decker Chicken Sandwich, Cheese Fries, Chicken Quesadila, Chicken Bacon Ranch Deluxe, Blueberry Cheesecake milkshake, Strawberry Peach Milkshake, Spicy Charred chicken, a coke float, and the Double Down.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Is the spicy chicken sandwich not enough for you? Do you love a good buffalo chicken sandwich, smothered in buffalo sauce? This item can come to you in a few ways.

  1. Order a spicy or regular Chick-fil-a sandwich and ask for a few buffalo sauces. Smother the sauces on yourself
  2. Go ahead and ask for the Buffalo sauce added in the back. If you are in luck, they will make the buffalo chicken extra special for you.

Cheese Sandwich (Grilled Cheese)

This has been one of the most popular hacks for our family. As a family with small kids, eating out can get expensive. That said, kids can be pretty simple and sometimes will be just as happy without the chicken.

Many restaurants will call this a grilled cheese, but we call it a cheese sandwich. Simply ask for a plain bun and add a slice of cheese to the order. This is actually one of the cheapest items on the menu as well. Try it next time for your kids. You and your wallet will be very happy with your choice!

Double Decker Chicken Sandwich

So the last option went the way of taking away the chicken. This next option goes in the opposite direction. Many famous secret menus come from the fact that you can either take away or add a traditional menu item to something already on the menu.

For this item, simply add an “extra filet” to your sandwich order. If you are a meat lover, you won’t be disappointed with your choice.

Cheese Fries

Many cheese fries come with that ooey gooey cheese. At Chick-fil-a you may not have that option, but there is another way.

Order your normal order of fries with slice of cheese on the side. Usually this will come in the foil chicken sandwich bag. Once you have your fries, put the fries and cheese inside the bag (while warm) and the cheese will melt on your fries.

Chicken Quesadila

Of all the secret menu items at Chick-fil-a, the chicken quesadilla is one of the most rare items. Many will tell you that this item doesn’t exist, but there are pictures on the internet that say otherwise.

I know you shouldn’t believe everything you hear on the internet, but try to order a quesadilla sometime. Stores already have the soft shells from the breakfast burrito. Add chicken and cheese that are already on the menu and you have a chicken quesadilla.

You are going to want to head in to the store and not the drive thru if you want to try this hack.

Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake

Another famous menu item is the blueberry cheesecake milkshake. This is as easy as adding a cheesecake order to a vanilla milkshake. Mix them together, and you have your cheesecake milkshake.

Strawberry Peach Milkshake

Another milkshake variety, this one is another combo of menu items. The only difference here is that strawberry is a year-round flavor, and peach only comes in season. When that time comes when peach milkshakes hit the menu, be sure to try a mix of strawberry and peach!

Chicken Bacon Ranch Deluxe

Ok, there are some secret menu items that don’t take too much of an imagination. One of those items is the Chicken Bacon Ranch Deluxe. For this item, simply ask for Ranch and bacon to be added to the Chicken Deluxe. A simple fix that is either added in the back or at your table … you’re welcome!

Spicy Charred Chicken

For those trying to cut out a few carbs, grilled chicken is a great option at Chick-fil-a. The grilled chicken is really good with the spices and comes in either nuggets or sandwich.

For this secret menu item, ask for grilled chicken with the spicy chicken spices added in. This will create a spicy grilled chicken. Ask them to hold the bun as well on this grilled “filet only”

Coke Float

Another easy and secret item is a coke float. Remember having coke floats as a kid? They are so good, but they can be even better with Chick-fil-a “Ice Dream” ice cream added in.

Simply ask for the ice dream with some coke added in. Try Dr. Pepper or even make it a diet coke float!

The Double Down

So some of our earlier options involved trying to save on carbs and/or calories. That was accomplished by keeping the bun on the side.

This secret menu item goes in the opposite direction. For the double down, ask them to hold all the buns and add in an extra filet of chicken. Two chicken filets will form the “bun” of your sandwich. Add some cheese and bacon in the middle or even some lettuce and tomato. Once again, this is a sandwich to win over meat eaters of all kinds.

Chick-fil-a Denies Secret Menu

Now that you have the Chick-fil-a secret menu, one of the most interesting things that we have found on the internet is that Chick-fil-a denies the existence. They actually went on to write a post about how these items are not real.

According to Chick-fil-a: “There is no Chick-fil-A Secret Menu. No blueberry cheesecake milkshakes. No chicken quesadilla. No grilled cheese sandwiches. No fried pickles.”

They do offer up some ideas on “secret” items including: Cookie IceDream Sandwich, IceDream Fruit Cup, Chick-n-Minis Masterpiece, and Double Cookie Milkshake.

Chick-fil-a even acknowledges that many stores may offer local items from time to time. Many California restaurants offer packets of guacamole. A special cheese sauce is offered in many stores. Some stores in Texas and New Mexico offer Jalapeno peppers. Nine restaurants in Iowa, Arizona and Arkansas offer up chicken gravy.

Cookie Icedream Sandwich

Here is how the ice cream sandwich works according to Chick-fil-a.

  1. Purchase a cup of Icedream and two Chocolate Chunk Cookies.
  2. Place the Icedream on the bottom of one of the cookies.
  3. Next slowly press the bottom of the second cookie on top of the ice cream.

That’s all there is to it to creating your own Icedream sandwich.

Icedream Fruit Cup

The Icedream Fruit Cup is another simple combination of two common menu items.

  1. Purchase a fruit cup and a cup of Icedream.
  2. Place the fruit on top or mix it around to have a fruit filled ice cream.

Chick-n-Minis Masterpiece

This is somewhat of a unique sandwich idea for your breakfast. To make the chick-n-mini masterpiece:

  1. Order Chick-n-minis and an order of hash browns. Also throw in your favorite morning sauce. Maybe that is something like jelly or honey.
  2. Open the chick-n-mini, removing the top bun.
  3. Next, dip a hash brown in the sauce and stack it on top of the chicken.
  4. Place the top piece of bread back on and enjoy!

This recipe works particularly well given that Chick-fil-a serves up the round hash browns.

Double Cookie Milkshake

As the company denies some of the other milkshake secret items, the one that they acknowledge is the Double Cookie Milkshake.

  1. First, order the cookies & cream milkshake and a chocolate chip cookie
  2. Crumble up the cookie, and mix it into the milkshake before eating.

There you have it, a cookie lover’s dream!

More Tips and Tricks

Outside of the secret menu at Chick-fil-a, there are a few other things you need to know about.

Free Ice Cream

Ok, so the ice cream isn’t totally free but it feels like it is. Whenever you order a kid’s meal, the meal comes with a toy. Many times this is a small book for kids.

Before you open the toy, let your kid decide whether they want the toy or ice cream. If they decide on the dessert (good choice kid), just take the toy to the counter and swap it for an Icedream. They can either get a cup or a cone of IceDream in exchange of the toy.

Not hungry for dessert after the meal? Keep that toy stored away in your purse and bring it in sometime when you are in the mood for dessert! You don’t have to do the swap on that particular visit.

Puppy Treats

Are you headed through the drive thru for a chicken sandwich with man’s best friend? If you have a dog in the passenger seat, try asking for a dog treat. Many Chick-fil-a restaurants will keep these in stock for your friend that can’t partake in the meal. Does the treat taste like Chicken? I can’t say I have ventured to find out yet.

Extra Chicken

This item was mentioned in a few of the secret menus, but it is worth repeating again. I have done this many times at both breakfast and lunch. When ordering, simply ask for either an “extra filet” or a “breakfast filet”. I love adding an extra breakfast filet to my chicken biscuit. It is a little less expensive, and it adds a nice ratio of chicken to biscuit!

Have any more Chick-fil-a hacks? Please let us know if we have missed something!

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