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Burger king is famous for its flame broiled burgers, but it also carries quite the assortment of chicken and other items. Even with an extensive regular menu, there are still some secret items that you need to know about.

We did some digging and found half fries / half rings (Frings), a Traditional Chicken Club, the BLT, Ham & Cheese, a Mustard Style Burger, the Suicide Burger, and the Rodeo Burger.

Half & Half Fries & Rings

French fries are a standard at most fast food establishments, but onion rings are something unique to Burger King. That said, sometimes you just need a few onion rings and not an entire order of onion rings. Especially if you are dining alone and don’t have someone to share the big order of rings, you need another option.

Fortunately, there is a hack for the french fry lover that wants a little onion ring in their lives. Ask for an order of Frings, but if they look at you like you are from mars, you may have to explain. This order is simply half onion rings and half french fries. Why pick one when you can enjoy both?

The Traditional Chicken Club

The traditional chicken sandwich has been around at Burger King for a long time. This sandwich is the long and skinny patty of chicken that is a pretty simply sandwich.

Do you like the sandwich but need to spice it up a little? You are in luck. Make it a club with the traditional club fixings of lettuce, tomato, bacon and cheese.


Bacon, lettuce and tomato (BLT) is one of the most classic sandwiches of the American past time. It is a wonder that we don’t see it show up on more menus.

That said, all the ingredients of bacon, lettuce and tomato are waiting on the menu for you. Feel free to go ahead and ask for a BLT on top of one of the classic sesame seed buns. If you are feeling even better about yourself, make it a whopper BLT. Why not try one of the massive whopper’s loaded with the goodness of a BLT? This could turn in to one of your favorite sandwiches. We are pretty convinced that it is one of ours!

Ham & Cheese

Ok, when was the last time you had a ham & cheese sandwich? Was it when you sat a a lunch room table in school? There aren’t many places that serve up such an item, but it is here for the taking.

The ham is there. The cheese is there. Put them together on a sesame seed bun, and you have the iconic ham and cheese. This tends to a be a lighter option if you aren’t in the mood for a whopper.

Mustard Style Burger

The standard condiment on many fast food burgers is mayonnaise. Whether McDonald’s, Burger King or Sonic, this tends to be the standard.

Are you not a mayonaise person but need some sauce to spice up your sandwich life? Look no further than a swap of mustard for mayo. Mustard burgers are famous on many secret menus, so give it a try next time you are ordering a whopper.

Suicide Burger

Suicide Burger. That sounds dangerous, right?

Well, the suicide burger definitely isn’t for the faint of heart.

Here is how the suicide burger goes:

  • Bun, sauce, bacon
  • Burger, cheese
  • Burger, cheese
  • Burger, cheese
  • Burger, cheese
  • Sauce, bun

You read that right. That is four burgers and four slices of cheese. If you are bringing a hefty appetite on your next trip to Burger King, you should definitely venture and try the suicide burger. Just to talk about it later, you will have made the right decision.

You would probably guess it, but there likely aren’t that many suicide burgers ordered at your local restaurant. If the worker looks at you like you are crazy, simply explain that you want four burgers (think a double cheeseburger twice), and they will gladly serve you what you are looking for.

Rodeo Burger

Sometimes secret menu items are born out of items that actually show up on a menu. The Rodeo Burger was one of those items that actually made it on the official menu for a while. Then one day the Rodeo Burger disappeared, but it remained in the hearts and minds of secret menu lovers all over.

The rodeo burger adds a few new twists to the traditional whopper. First, add some onion rings. These give the burger a nice crunch. Next, add some BBQ sauce. We have always thought BBQ is one of the best sauces and wondered why it doesn’t show up on more burgers.

The Rodeo Burger may have left the menu, but all the makings are still there. It is likely that you won’t even have to explain yourself for this creation.

Add Bacon

On almost every secret menu, there is always an item with bacon added when it wasn’t there originally. Similarly at BK, we want to remind you that you can add bacon to anything. From fries to chicken, bacon makes everything better. Don’t be afraid to make your sandwich the best version of itself.

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