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First off, there is no AL. Aaron Langdon comes with some fun takes on vegetables. The fries are to die for at this San Fran eatery. They are brined for 96 hours in water with salt and cabbage before being twice-fried and served up with smoked apple sauce. Who knew you could put so much love into french fries? Also check out items like baby lettuce with herbed avacado and pitachio crumble. Meat takes a back seat here.

Menus Available

AL’s Menu

Fan Favorite Dish

Order the fries as soon as you sit down

What Else

Fills up fast. Get there at 4:30 if you want to be seated at 5:30 at open.


YES, two months out via Opentable

Phone Number

(415) 416-6136


1499 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110


Wed-Sun: 5:30p-10p


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